Welcome to the 21th ETHNO Estonia camp from 18.-30.07 2017!

2015 kõpuEthno Estonia is an international music camp for people in age 16-30 years. There will be workshops every day where participants will be able to learn songs, tunes and dances from different countries. Music learning will be done by ear. So, if you play a melody instrument and wish to develop your skills in ensemble playing, then you are very welcome to Ethno Estonia! Singers are welcome also, but you need to play an instrument too, because not all tunes have lyrics. One thing is for sure: everyone involved will have the greatest 2 weeks of their summer!

During the camp we will have different concerts, outings and other surprises.
The camp will conclude with the annual Viljandi Folk Music Festival where the Ethno participants will be giving different performances.

NB! As we have only 75 places, then organizers will pick participants according to their instrument and playing skills. So, it might take a little time before you get a confirmation letter from us.

For more information and questions, write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


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Merike Paberits is one of the organizers of Ethno Estonia. In addition to the organizing work, she will also be one of the artistic leaders this year. In everyday life she is a musician and a teacher (in Viljandi Culture Academy). Her main instruments are flute, estonian bagpipe and jaw harp. Merike is also known as a musician in following groups: Nikns Suns, Paberits & Tirmaste and Estonian Folk Orchestra.

Lee Taul loves to sing and to play violin, which she strated when she was 7. She lives in Viljandi, where she moved few years ago to study traditional music. Since then, she has participated in bands like Midrid, Estonian Folk Orchestra, Puzle, Schönbergi kvartett and many international Ethno Orchestras (Ethno Estonia included). Lee has also been part of different dance and theatre projects: theater piece "Lained lausudes", Keity Pook dance performance "Sünaps" etc.

Pablo Golder is belgo-italo-americano-anglo-scottish. He discovered the diatonic accordion at the age of 8. He never abandoned the instrument since. His music is inspired inspired both by Italian sonorities, in the tradition of Riccardo Tesi, and by the "Belgian school", beautifully represented by Didier Laloy and Bruno Letron, among others. He settled permanently in Belgium and became professional in 2005, specializing in traditional music and dance. He is a good friend with Baltazar Montanaro, with whom he has a duo "i fratelli Tarzanelli". Pablo also plays in bands In Volata, The Reunion, ZIGO, Les bandits de Belleville.

Richard Holzmann is a guitarist from Leipzig (Germany), young but already well known professional in both classical and modern style guitar playing. With over 300 concerts played and guitar students teached he owned lots of experience in many different countries like Turkey, Rwanda, Estonia and others. In 2016 he took part at Ethno Denmark as one of the artistic leaders. An outstanding experience which he's very lucky to join again the following summer at Ethno Estonia.

Tobias Karlehag - a great percussionist based in Sweden. Tobias is involved in different musical projects including everything from traditional folk to electronic drone music. He has aquired his knowledge at the World Music departement in Gothenburg University and also from great gurus from Turkey and India.

Camp fee and registration

The price for the whole camp is 200 €. This includes:

  • participation in workshops
  • food during the camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch and evening snack). From 27.-30. of July, during the festival, you have to provide food by yourself
  • lodging during the camp and during the festival
  • festival performers pass which ensures free entrance to all the concerts at the festival
  • bus transport during the camp

    To register, fill out the form which can be found HERE

More information here: Ethno Estonia Facebook