By train

The sweetest ride from Tallinn to Viljandi is on the Folk train! Accompanied by musicians, the train will take you from Tallinn to Viljandi on Thursday and get you back safely on Sunday. More information about Folk train will appear here soon!

In addition to the Folk train, scheduled trains will also be running. See the timetable at

By bus

Buses from Tallinn and Tartu will run according to schedule. See ticket information at

Due to the increase of traffic during the festival, we suggest getting your ticket early to guarantee a spot.

The ride from Tallinn to Viljandi takes a little more than 2 hours and from Tartu it's about an hour.

By car

Tip for the lonely driver: fill your car with grateful hitchhikers, if you happen to come across any by the road. Perhaps reminisce about some of the games you used to play as kids or play some word games on the way?

Parking in Viljandi is free everywhere, but we kindly ask to follow temporary traffic signs!

Getting around Viljandi

Getting around the city is easiest on foot, with everything within 15 minutes walking distance, but buses also run regularly. See route schedules HERE.

If you happen to get lost and wonder too far, here are some taxi numbers (add +372): 1200 / 1700 / 15444 / 1300 / 1242 / 433 3833. The normal fee for a taxi is around 3-5 euros (and with 5 you should get pretty much anywhere in Viljandi).

When faced with questions, be sure to ask any of our helpful volunteers for help or call Viljandi Tourist Information Centre at (+372) 43 30 442.

More information about transportation from Viljandi official homepage